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Senior Primary

In our senior primary phase pupils are taught in small classes where they can develop an excellent work ethic and achieve high standards in academics. Our exciting curriculum is also balanced with plenty of sport, drama, music, art and activities.

The Senior Primary Phase at Wembley College consists of the four classes: Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 and Grade 7, often referred to as the Form 1 class. The Form 1 name is to link in with the High School Form 2 to Form 6 classes, which follow the Cambridge Syllabus. In our phase we emphasise on teaching an hour of maths and an hour of main language each day as we are convinced that numeracy and literacy continue to be the most important academic skills that our scholars need to be equipped with.


Every year all our pupils get the opportunity to write the National Conquesta Olympiads in six subjects which are of a good standard. As from 2010 we are now registered as a CPP School. This means we follow an international curriculum in English, Maths and Science. On the cultural side we participate annually in the National Speech and Drama Association for all the individual and class categories.


The Form 1s are responsible for organizing four social functions a year. This includes choosing a theme, advertising, budgeting, music, organizing food etc. We pride ourselves in the success of these functions as our attendance is close to 100%. Even though we are a small school, we offer all the main sporting activities, involving a very high percentage of our scholars participating.


The beauty of Wembley’s existence in the country has direct positive influences on our scholars:

• Firstly, each class has a tranquil, scenic view which must be seen to be appreciated.

• We have enormous, safe, open playgrounds where the children love to play.

• The scholars are free from city stress, pressure and peak hour traffic.

• Many of our children are from a farming background contributing to scholars spending a lot of their free time in nature.

We are only one hour’s drive from Pietermaritzburg which means we can participate in all sporting and educational activities.

 A unique aspect of our school and our phase, where we know we really make a difference, is in the emotional well being of each and every scholar.