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Welcome to Wembley College
Preschool, a safe haven for learning and adventure, full of imaginative play for boys and girls from ages 2 to 4 years old.

Wembley College Cubbies

Our Preschool Program caters for children aged 2 to 4 years old.

Learning through play, the environment and through meaningful and engaging experiences are key elements that build the foundations for a love of learning at Wembley College.

Play is at the heart of our approach allowing children to discover the world around them and supporting the development of the whole child. Through play, children develop an essential set of skills and dispositions, including language acquisition and self-regulation. Children are inspired by their own ideas and innovations and are nourished as creative thinkers. They begin to develop a sense of wonder which is fostered by our dedicated staff as they grow socially, emotionally and academically. Play sparks joy, imagination and curiosity; allowing children at their varying stages of readiness to connect ideas and learn.

At Wembley College, we encourage a sense of belonging created by ensuring strong bonds between home and school. Enabling children to feel safe and secure while being challenged through enriched learning experiences leads to happy, safe learners. 

Our Values and Practices

  • Teachers guide learning by interacting, observing and listening as children play.
  • Children are supported to grow as learners based on developmental readiness.
  • Teachers use spaces and natural materials that stir imagination and thinking.
  • Learning is not limited to a classroom but also takes place outside of the classroom walls, in the countryside, the school gardens and within the community.
  • We create a nurturing environment that supports risk-taking.
  • Caring, strong relationships between teachers and children.
  • Supportive, respectful relationship between school and home.

At Wembley we understand that


Children are UNIQUE

Children come with their with own story. They learn in different ways and at their own pace. Individual backgrounds and

experiences are embraced.


Children are CURIOUS

Children make sense of the world around them by engaging with open-ended materials and environments and exploring

their own theories.


Children are SOCIAL

Children are co-constructors of knowledge and skills, learning with and from one another.


Children are CAPABLE

Children are self-managers, inquirers, and problem solvers. They make choices about what and how they learn.

We invite you to come along and see us in action to learn more about the family of learners we shape here at the Wembley College preschool. Please contact our office for details on how to make an appointment.

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