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Vision, Mission and Values

Wembley College’s ethos is based on Christian principles, norms and values. With these values, we encourage independent learning and empower scholars to embrace responsibility. Scholars accept their differences in a spirit of kindness and compassion that helps them become responsible citizens.

Our Wembley Vision: To be innovative leaders in education.

Our Mission Statement: To educate, nurture and inspire scholars to be individuals where they can learn, create, grow and flourish in a co-educational, family environment based on an international education system in a country school. 

Our Everyday School Values include:

C - Celebrating Individuality and Cultural Diversity

L- Leadership with Enthusiasm

I - Innovation

F- Family Values

E - Educational Excellence


How to Apply

The decision to choose a school for your child is one of the most important you will ever make. Providing them with a rewarding educational experience is a springboard for whatever comes next. Read more here...


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