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Junior Primary

Our junior primary phase offers boys and girls from Grade RRRR to Grade 3 the perfect foundation to begin their journey through life and learning. Here pupils develop the skills, independence and confidence for the next phase of their school journey.

We have 7 classes in this phase, namely Grade RRRR through to Grade 3. We have small classes with individual attention for our scholars. We are fortunate to have 8 well-qualified teachers who have empathy for the scholars and are enthusiastic about their vocation.


We follow the Cambridge International Primary Programme focusing on Literacy, Numeracy and Science. We consciously try to prepare our scholars for the next stage of their formal schooling and we have developed strategies to assist them in bridging the gap between Grade 3 and 4. Our scholars start formal reading in Grade R as well as key skills in Literacy, Numeracy and Science.


The scholars are exposed to a huge variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. Besides a full academic programme, we also have a sport programme with a different sport each term and a Physical Education lesson during the school day. These sports include: mini cricket, mini hockey, mini soccer, athletics and swimming. On the Cultural side; Art is an integral part of our programme and each scholar is exposed to different techniques and media. Every 2nd year we put on a concert where each child is given a speaking part combined with music, sets and colourful costumes which develops the scholars’ confidence in public speaking and performing. Each term a different class undertakes a Market Day, which is designed to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The funds that are generated are used in the phase and directly benefit the children. We have a Cultural Centre which is attached to our school and here there is the opportunity of taking part in ballet, tap dance, contemporary dance, modern, Kindermusik and Drama. The Pre-school also take part in Playball.


Every year an audiologist and an optometrist screen the scholars’ vision and hearing. This is an excellent way of finding potential problems before they arise. At the end of the first and third terms, the parents meet with teachers in a private interview in order to discuss their children’s progress. At the end of the second and fourth terms, a comprehensive academic report is sent home. Our phase is characterised by an attitude of loving care from our staff and we try to foster a happy, safe and exciting learning environment.