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Boarding at Wembley

Impressive boarding facilities make it possible for scholars from all over Southern Africa and abroad, to feel at home in a secure environment.

Our Boarding Establishment, Northfields Manor, opened in September 2004 to cater for boarders from grade 6 to 12.  Our new Senior Primary boarding establishment was created this year and we now cater for boys and girls from grades 4 to 12.  We provide separate accommodation for boys and girls in a safe, secure environment that has a strong emphasis on discipline within a Christian ethos.

The Boarding Establishment is situated on the upper campus, next to the sporting facilities and has a view over the rolling hills of Kwazulu Natal, giving it a sense of country living. The Boarding Establishment is a large house that has been revamped into a comfortable, welcoming home.

The girls have the privilege of boarding in the house and the boys live in a separate dormitory with beautiful gardens and swimming pool. It can currently accommodate 45 boarders. There is a Boarder Master and Mistress, Assistant Boarder Master and Mistress and a Matron supervising the running of the establishment.

Professional caterers ensure the food is of a good standard in the boarding establishment. We truly believe our Boarding Establishment to be one of our greatest marketing assets.

A day in the life of a Wembley Boarder

5h45  Ahhh, we have been woken up by the teacher on duty – yawn! 

6h15 Time to hit the showers! Ok, now I am awake and ready for the day!

6h20 Yes I have made my bed and I am ready for brekka. Form 6 scholar on duty is checking for neatness. I hope I pass this inspection!

6h30 Yeah breakfast time! We can either eat a cooked breakfast: crumpets, french toast, scrambled eggs or we can have a continental breakfast. Yummy! Food is too good to diet in this place. We pray before we eat. Our coffee and tea station stays open all day and bonus we have our own lockers where we can store our own food.

6h30-7h15 Don’t forget to brush your teeth or grab a quick cup of coffee and get ready for the fabulous day that lies ahead.

7h05 Grab your bag! Look at the beauty of this sweet country setting while you walk down to school admiring the amazing view.

7h30 – 9h55 School lessons

9h55 Sweet, it is tea time ! Hot drinks and toasted sandwiches in the covered quad. Only for us boarders – we are super special. In summer time we have crunchies, muffins, cupcakes or brownies and juice. Pretty cool!

10h15-12h30 School lessons continue

12h30 Great food! We can eat again. A growing child needs good food. Lunch is served in the Beryl Hall. We have a good variety of food: enchiladas, macaroni cheese, burgers, shwarmas, pitas and so much more. Yippee! We can hang with our friends until classes begin again.

12h55-14h15 School lessons continue

14h30 Sport starts!

16h30 Shower time and we can now wear our no. 3 uniform - shorts and t-shirts.

17h15 Room inspection – I got this one taped. Neat and tidy is the name of my game.

17h30 Supper is served in the BE dinning hall. More amazing food: mince pancakes, stir fry, chops, beef stew, soups and on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we get delicious puddings like chocolate pudding, malva pudding etc. Who can resist? After supper we have time to chat and catch up with friends.

18h10 Bell rings for prep

18h15 1st Prep session begins

19h15 Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are served

19h45 2nd Prep session begins

20h45 Bell rings for bedtime

21h30 Lights out

Weekend Highlights

There are a lot of boarders who stay in the BE over the weekends.

Friday night

Love the movie night or bonfire with marshmallows. There is always something hip, hop and happening going down.

8h00 – 13h00 Saturday

Sport in the morning and then hooray it is our time to chill.

9h00 Sunday

Yeah - sleep in until 9am - best part of the whole week! Breakfast is the bomb - full cooked breakfast - bacon and eggs!!!

Church is arranged for boarders who want to attend.

13h00 Sunday Lunch

Roast lunch is served with an awesome pudding – best meal of the week.

15h00 Soccer / Hockey

Any outside scholars come and play soccer and hockey with us, at our fields. We love sport.

17h30 Casual Sunday supper

Hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, pies etc.

What makes us special?

Our boarding establishment is a home with many brother and sisters living here together. We call Wembley Boarding Establishment our "Home away from Home".

We are sure that a visit will enable you to experience for yourselves why we think that the Boarding Establishment is indeed a "Home away from Home". Please feel free to contact our office for details on how to make an appointment.

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