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Wembley College Boarding Establishment 

The Wembley College Boarding Establishment opened at the beginning of 2001, to cater for boarders in grade 7 –12. The Boarding Establishment is situated on the upper campus next to the sporting facilities. The boarding Establishment is across from the Greytown Golf Club, and has a view over the rolling hills of Kwazulu Natal, giving it a sense of country living. With plenty of space the boarders have ample opportunity to experience the country living. 


The Boarding Establishment is a large, mansion like house that has been revamped into a comfortable, welcoming establishment with the emphasis being on a homely environment. The girls have the privilege of boarding in the house with the boys in a separate dorm. The junior pupils (grades 7 - 9) share cubicles with the senior pupils having more privacy.


Prefects are running the discipline in the dorm under the constant supervision of the Boarding Establishment staff. It has beautiful gardens; a swimming pool and can currently accommodate 45 boarders. In addition to the boarders there are a Boarder Master and Mistress, Assistant Boarder Master and Mistress and a Matron supervising the boarders well being. The parents are always welcome to approach the staff. As all mothers know, the way to a child’s heart is through their stomach.


In this regard, our catering company, Capitol, ensures that our boarders get the best food. With constant quality checks and feedback from the staff and boarders the quality of food is excellent. In actual fact, our food is of such a nature that several parents and staff at times have supper with the boarders. We truly believe our Boarding Establishment to be one of our greatest marketing assets.