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Junior Primary

Grade RRRR to Grade 3

Our junior primary phase offers boys and girls from Grade RRRR to Grade 3 the perfect foundation to begin their journey through life and learning. Here pupils develop the skills, independence and confidence for the next phase of their school journey.

Senior Primary

Grade 4 to Grade 7 ( Form 1 )

In our senior primary phase pupils are taught in small classes where they can develop an excellent work ethic and achieve high standards in academics. Our exciting  curriculum is also balanced with plenty of sport, drama, music, art and activities.

High School

Form 2 (Grade 8) to Form 6 (Matric)

Wembley College strives to ensure that pupils receive the best education through its well-qualified staff and unique curriculum, encapsulating the University of Cambridge Exams system- adapted to local needs.

Celebrating 20 years of academic excellence

1997 - 2017

What's on at Wembley College

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